Velvet Phone Holster

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This a modular system meaning that all parts will be fully compatible with previous & future editions/versions/additions. Pieces connect with heavy duty snaps.

 It’s made up of two main parts, the shoulder panels & the pouches with a webbing strap that keeps tension at the back. This set is is a very flat, sturdy furniture velvet with a twill binding. This one I like with sharp, fancier looks & with suits.

 You can have a single shoulder strap (left or right) which will have an adjustable webbing strap that loops around & under the shoulder on the other side; or double shoulder panels that will be connected to each other via a webbing strap. If you get a double now you can get straps to use as a single or vice-versa. I find the double to be more comfortable as the panels just rest on the shoulder.

 Pouches work better on the side they’re chosen for (left or right) but can be switched between as needed. Right now they’re just available in the black velvet & can be phone sized or larger for wallets, keys etc.