Toothless Style Costail Cover - Night Fury , How to Train Your Dragon

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Custom made to order.

Toothless style tail cover for the Costail, robotic tail (Costail not included):

The Costail is designed to create fluid, natural movement in tune with you as you move. This tail cover is designed to compliment the clever mechanics of the Costail.

The tail shown is classic toothless with a small base & curve 1. This tail is designed for Toothless. Have a custom tail in mind? Please send me a message, I’d love to work with you to make your idea a reality.

If you would like to make your outfit a perfect match with this tail then let me know before ordering & we can arrange to have extra fabric included in the parcel (fabric is old at cost).

Handmade with a high quality scaled faux leather with spines down the top & posable fins. 

Easy to attach & remove. Filled with a low density stuffing to give it real volume & reduce creases without impeding the movement of the Costail. This tail cover has straps velcro shut over the Costail harness to hold it in place.

This tail cover is available for the full length, 3/4 length or 1/2 length costail. If you order 3/4 length I will include a new wire at the right length with your order.

Instructional video for installation;

This tail cover weighs slightly over 250g. This paired with the stiff material & fins results in a slight reduction of motion from the Costail. To remedy this new versions of the tail have slits in the leather which open while taut to aid motion.