Prismatic Chrome Claws

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Handmade claws custom cast to order.

Prismatic Chrome claws reflect a rainbow of colours in the light. Finish applied over a black base here but works over any colour.

My feline claws have been refined & improved for years before reaching their final shape & were completely hand sculpted. Designed initially to go with my signature claw gauntlets they are also a great choice for your own projects.

These claws are cast in a one-part mould so have no seam lines. You can check out my other claw finishes here:

Their wide flared base makes them sit comfortably on the finger but also makes them easy to integrate into your project.

Cast in high quality polyurethane resin which is both durable & offers good impact resistance.

These claws come in two sizes; Large (52x34mm) & Small (40x28mm). PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT SIZE YOU WOULD LIKE &, IF A MIX, HOW MANY OF EACH.

Claws are cast in bone then primed & painted before the finish is applied. They are then varnished with an archival quality varnish.