Kirito (offer lifeblood) Costail Cover

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Custom made to order. Please let me know the colour you would like (if different) in the notes at checkout.

Rat tail cover for the Costail, robotic tail (available seperately):

The Costail is designed to create fluid, natural movement in tune with you as you move. This tail cover is designed to compliment the clever mechanics of the Costail.

This tail is made from faux leather with a black body & red tip with a 3D printed spade design.

The tail attaches to the Costail with a Velcro strip (provided)

This tail cover is available for the full length, 3/4 length or 1/2 length costail. If you order 3/4 length I will include a new wire at the right length with your order.

Instructional video for installation;

This tail cover weighs slighly over 250g but as you can see the Costail still moves wonderfully.