Giant Silver Fox Tail - Unstuffed

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Giant Silver Fox Tail.

Made from super luxury, garment quality faux fur with a dense pile & variant texture &colours for a more realistic look. Great for cat costumes & outfits too.

See it in action here:

This tail is limited edition because I can no longer get the fur for the tip. This is the nicest fur I have ever worked with, it is very thick & luxurious with length & texture variation.

My giant tails have a dynamic but practical design & when stuffed according to instructions weigh under 1kg despite their impressive size Unstuffed to make postage easier. These tails are made with a an invisible zipper to make them easy for you to stuff & close up.

After ordering you will be sent a link to an in depth instructional video on how to stuff your tail. To stuff your tail I recommend using a mix of polyester & bean bag stuffing but it really is up to you.

Wide attachment at back for stability. Integral hoop on crest of tail allows it to be tied to the wrist for dynamic motion or can be tied to the hip so the tail curves round the body.

Great fun, good for events, partially stuffed with bean bag filler for mobility but means it can double as a comfortable seat.

Each item is made to order so if you want to make changes or have a custom order I’m more than happy to discuss. If you have any questions about this item please don't hesitate to contact me.

Tail Harness available here;