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Custom made to order.

Fluffy tail cover for the Costail, robotic tail (Costail not included):

The Costail is designed to create fluid, natural movement in tune with you as you move. This tail cover is designed to compliment the clever mechanics of the Costail.

This tail has 3 design options:

- Fur Detailing - this version has a simplified version of the design created with two different fur colours. Fur would be a high quality 60mm pile in grizzly brown & aqua.

- EL Wire - this version would have lines of super EL wire stitched over the sewn in detail. EL wire is used by dancers so shouldn’t be effected by the movement of the Costail. There will be a USB driver installed into the cover so (with a dual output powerbank) the lights & Costail can be powered by the same source.

- Fairy Lights - the cheap & cheerful lighting option. The copper wire fairy lights would be sewn along the detail line adding a fun twinkling element. These too would be powered through a USB connection with powerbank.


Easy to attach & remove. Filled with a low density stuffing to give it real volume & remove any creases without impeding the movement of the Costail.

This tail cover attaches to the Costail with a strip of velcro at the top.

This tail cover is available for the full length, 3/4 length or 1/2 length costail & can be put on the Costail straight or curved. If you order 3/4 length I will include a new wire at the right length with your order.

Instructional video for installation;